The call of 13 shamans

The program of the festival includes shamanic rituals, sessions, workshops of ancient art of throat singing, Tuvan folk music and dance performances, shamanic and ethnic souvenirs and instruments fair, shamanic drum making workshop and many other wonderful events: -Traditions of shamanism from all over the world

  • -Ceremonies and rituals
  • -Learning ancient knowledge
  • -Ceremonial concerts
  • -Fair of folk art from different countries
  • -Drum show
  • -The rite of reviving spirits and the opening of the White Path for good luck, prosperity, health and wealth.
  • -Shamanic dedication and gaining shamanic power: ceremonies and rituals.
  • -Ancient Tuvan throat singing master classes. Opening the strength of the natural voice.
  • -Dancing and power songs. The dance of the eagle. Ancient shamanic practices of movement and breathing. Animal’s dances. Searching for the animal totem for the power.
  • -Ceremonies of healing from any disease. Shamanic practices of long life, youth prolongation and body flexibility.
  • -Shamanism and cosmology. The path of the Shaman to eternity. Philosophy revealing and world outlook of shamanism of different traditions.
  • -Female power circle. The practice of healing femininity, of female energy and sexuality revealing.
  • -Male power circle. The power of men, the path of knowledge, of male energy and sexuality revealing.
  • -Giving births to ideal healthy children. The recommendations for parents.
  • -Healing infertility. Education of children in different traditions.
  • -Supernatural abilities revealing. Clairvoyance, healing, communication with nature.
  • -Drum’s festival. Music instrument’s consecration. Master-class of drum making.

The geography of the shamans of the last festival was represented by the next countries: Mexico, Peru, Greenland, Celtic druids, Tuva, Yakutia, Khakassia, Kazakhstan, Germany, Greece, Romania, Ecuador, Mongolia, Tibet, Northern Europe