The call of 13 shamans

The International ethnic festival “The call of 13 shamans” will take place in 20 km from Kyzyl on the bank of the Great river Yenissey, on the territory of the yurt complex “Biy-Khem”. The yurt complex has tuvan styled yurts, a canteen, a Russian sauna, shower and WCs. It also has a special ritual place for shamanic fire rituals.

The place of the festival has very strong energy vibrations; ancient petroglyphs from bronze age and burial mounds from early Scythians to Turkic tribes are silent eyewitnesses and Guardians of the history, the spirits of the place…The shamans are the only ones who are able to communicate with the spirits of the nature through their rituals with the fire, through their music, drum and a special bronze shamanic mirror.

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