“Un-Khun” School of healing with the sound. Tuvan khoomei school.

The call of 13 shamans

Dates: The school will take place twice:

1. The first course will be 5 days before the festival ”The call of 1e shamans” – 21/06/2019 – 25/06/2019

2. The second course will be 5 days after the festival ”The call of 13 shamans” – 1/07/2019 – 5/-7/2019

A hereditary tuvan shaman Nicolai Oorzhak, master throat singer, who uses throat singing in his shamanic practice – “The secrets of spiritual healing with the throat singing”. “Xoomei is a phenomenon, originated from tuvan folk songs. It is also used in shamanic special songs during their rituals. Tuvan shamans use throat singing as the healing sounds of the nature. Song is an essential part of shamanic culture, the most natural and available way of communication with one’s inner part and with the spirits. The human voice is a natural resonator and an instrument for transformations and self-healing. We are inviting you to revive this lost ability. Throat singing empowers humans conscious and frees the energy; it steers it in the right direction. The school of healing throat singing is devoted to your voice opening, body purification and breathing strengthening. You will learn the art of throat singing with its different styles and technics.

You will learn the next things in our school:

* Sound in shamanism

* The principles of using water, fire and wind energy channels in the sound creation. Breathing technics for body and conscious purification.

* Exercises to develop nasal resonator

* Exercises to develop different styles and technics of throat singing

* Shamanic voyage and meditation

* Healing properties of the sound.

Location of the school:

“Sai-Xonash” yurt camp which neighbors with the real nomads’ camps. (70km from Kyzyl-Mazhalyk to Sai-Xonash) It is located in the place called Ak, an extremely beautiful area surrounded with the high mountains, forests and purest spring waters. It has 4 twin and triple cosy yurts and a banya (Russian style sauna). Every yurt has 4 beds and Tuvan traditional furniture. People living on this very isolated part of land breed animals such as sheep, cows, horses, goats and yaks. They still live keeping their culture and traditions alive. You will be living in Tuvan style yurts next to real nomads on this tour. This quintessential experience will be accompanied by throat singing lessons given by one of the greatest masters of Tuvan throat-singing. There is nothing more beautiful than learning Tuvan throat-singing in the nature inspired by its breathtaking landscapes, sounds and silence, listening to the wind whispering from the top of the mountain, imitating the fast streams and purest springs sounds, birdsongs and animal sounds.

You will be able to learn better the main elements of traditional Tuvan culture and everyday life.